Wei-Shi Zheng 


Intelligence SciencE and systEm Lab (iSEE)

School of Data and Computer Science

Sun Yat-sen University, Higher Education Mega Center, P.R. China

E-mail: wszheng@ieee.org

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Research Direction: Machine Vision and Learning

Recent Research Focus:
1. Image and Video Understanding:
    (1) Person Re-identification    (2) Action/Activity Recognition     (3) Face Image Processing

2. Machine Learning Algorithms:
    (1) Hashing for Fast Search     (2) Transfer Learning     (3) Distance Metric Learning

All of you who really like to do research on artificial intelligence are welcomed!
It does not matter whether you are a graduate student or just an undergraduate;
as long as you are willing to work hard, you are welcomed to join my research
team, and I will enjoy immensely working with you!

Open Teaching Videos for Linear Algebra @ SYSU
中 山大学"线性代数"实时课堂教学视频集(CS,EE)

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